Реве та стогне Дніпр широкий

Сердитий вітер завива,

Додолу верби гне високі,

Горами хвилю підійма.


І блідий місяць на ту пору

Із хмари де-де виглядав, −

Неначе човен в синім морю,

То виринав, то потопав.

Реве та стогне Дніпр широкий

Сердитий вітер завива,

Додолу верби гне високі,

Горами хвилю підійма.


І блідий місяць на ту пору

Із хмари де-де виглядав, −

Неначе човен в синім морю,

То виринав, то потопав.

About us

The law company has been founded by the experienced, qualified and purposeful lawyers practicing law for many years. The main legal practices chosen by the company are: complete legal assistance in starting-up and development of the business in Ukraine (corporate and economic law), anti-raider practice for protection of the business (administrative, criminal law), real property operations (legalization of unsanctioned building and houses, permits and putting into operation assistance, alienation of real property rights), complete support and legal assistance for foreign investors in Ukraine (investment law, foreigners status law), due diligence of complex projects, real property and companies, financial and credit operations (financial law, facilities, mortgages, pledges), negotiations and resolution of complex disputes (representation and court practice).

Our company is devoted to further development of legal practices and expansion of legal services provided to our clients.

Profession of a lawyer requires putting everything in question, disagreeing with everybody and talk constantly.

T. Jefferson


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Openness and transparency

Individually for every client and in accordance with the situation, we analyze the status of the case; suggest the schemes and steps to settle the legal issues; provide the resolution of the case pursuant to clients’ choice and interests.


Our lawyers have approved qualifications and many years’ experience in top legal firms of Ukraine.

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Simplicity and plainness of products

Our clients may be confident of the transparency, plainness and benefit of legal services we provide.

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We respect both time of our clients and our time; thus, we procure our clients with quick answers to legal issues on the professional level.

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Quality of services

We control the quality and procure that legal services of our company comply with the needs of our clients and the high level of established requirements to the legal services.

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We seek to strengthen the relationships with our clients, thus, provide effective specials, bonuses and VIP programs.


Financial and credit operations Real property operations Due diligence Trade mark Mergers&acquisitions Registration services Anti-raider actions Status of foreigners in Ukraine Court disputes Antimonopoly clearance Legalization and apostille

Our company provides for all-inclusive legal services for assistance in large financing projects. We also draft and assist in signing of the separate financing agreements (facility agreements, ...

The real property operations include different types of legal issues: building formalities, put into operation, state registration of the title and other rights to property, reconstruction, ...

Every important business decision related to new projects, acquisition or sale of property, rights, business etc. requires among other things the qualified legal due diligence. Due diligence ...

To protect the logo or mark for products and services on the territory of Ukraine, such logos or marks must be registered with Department of Intellectual Property of Ukraine. Our company provides ...

Our company has substantial experience in the procedures of reorganization of the companies carried out in accordance with schemes prepared by our lawyers and approved with clients.

Our company provides for a wide range of registration services including re-registration and liquidation. For your convenience, we suggest you to find out more details (types, terms, fees) of ...

“Raiding” (raider attack) may be carried out by the insider associate of the organization or third parties interfering into the activities of the organization, sometimes even with lawful methods. ...

The laws of Ukraine stipulate special rules for entry, stay and leave of Ukraine for foreign citizens, education for foreigners, work permits and other rules. Our company provides a wide range of ...

Court disputes (representation in all court authorities of Ukraine) Our company provides services of representation of clients’ interests in all court authorities of Ukraine in the following law ...

The law of Ukraine provides for the terms and conditions for companies (residents and non-residents) to file with Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine to receive the antimonopoly clearance before ...

Often the documents issued by the official authorities in Ukraine are required for use abroad. In most cases, the foreign official authorities will accept the Ukrainian official documents provided ...


Law Company “Go-To Legal” seeks to improve the partnership with our clients and the quality of legal services, thus, offers the clients additional discounts, bonuses and services for fruitful and mutually beneficial partnership. To this end, we offer the following specials
Wholesale order

In case of ordering three or more legal services in one time, our company offers a discount on legal fees equal to 10%.
In other words, if the client orders several legal services, we make a discount saving your money and providing opportunity to rationally order the services at one time.

Every third order

In case of ordering third legal service within one month, our company offers a discount on legal fees equal to 10%.

Such approach enables the client to rationally plan the budget for legal assistance and safe additional expenses.

On-line order

Our company offers up-to-date approach to making orders by the client and offers you an opportunity of ordering the legal services by sending e-mail to our address. In reply, we will send the detailed description on legal service and call you, if you leave a contacting number.

To make an order you should send e-mail to our address, indicate you surname and name, write short description of the question and leave a telephone number to contact you.

Monthly service

Monthly service suggests the full legal assistance on-daily basis including consultations, drafting of legal documents, assistance in transactions and signing of agreements, representation of clients’ interests in state authorities and execution of other tasks requested by the client. In other words, the client receives a full legal support 24 hours a day, as if an experienced and qualified lawyer is always by his side.

Depending on the scope of work, the nature of business of the client, we ensure the most suitable and convenient conditions for the client and his business.

The legal fees for the monthly service are from 2000 Hryvnias a month.

Free telephone consultations

Our company provides for free telephone consultation where everybody may address to us a legal question and receive a qualified answer by the phone.

To this end, we have a hot line opened for free consultations on Monday from 10 a.m till 1 p.m.

The telephone number for free consultations:+38 (067) 505-65-98

You are welcome to ask any legal questions during this time.

Permanent Client

In case of constant partnership with our company for at least 3 months, we offer the client a 10% discount on legal fees for every following legal service ordered with us.

Legislation update mailing

Our company conducts the monitoring and control of the new amendments in current legislation and provides the client with the update on the particular regulations related to the client’s business. The legislation update mailing may include the draft or amended legislation of Ukraine. This service helps to stay in put with last events in legal world.

Information letters

Our company carries out the monthly mailing of information letters with summary of the month events and highlights of key points related to the business of the client.

Picking up of the relevant legislation

Every legal issue is regulated by a considerable number of normative acts including tenth or more official documents. In order to simplify the hourly searches of the relevant regulations on particular questions, our associates prepare the selection of related acts on a particular subject and send them to permanent clients for daily use.


We prepare and provide to permanent clients the memoranda on relevant legal subjects. The client should request for a memorandum on a particular legal subject determining the scope of questions and information required. Our associates prepare the memorandum with detailed description of procedures, documents required, expenses, legal advice and options for settling the issue.

To find out more about our specials, bonuses, legal services, procedures, terms, documents, legal fees, expenses or to order a particular legal service, you may address the questions to us by:

– Call us:+38 (067) 505-65-98.