Antimonopoly clearance

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Antimonopoly clearance and investigations.
The law of Ukraine provides for the terms and conditions for companies (residents and non-residents) to file with Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine to receive the antimonopoly clearance before carrying out the concentration or concerted actions. The Antimonopoly committee checks and approves the absence of violation of competition law.

Our company offers assistance in preparation of the documents and receipt of the respective:

– preliminary clearance in case of concentration or concerted actions;

– clearance on concentration;

– clearance on concerted actions;

– legal assistance in antimonopoly investigation, preparation of the required documents in reply to AMC request.

Name of service Term

Legal fees*

1 Preliminary clearance from 1 month from 500
2 Concentration clearance from 2 months from 1500
3 Concerted actions clearance from 2 months from 1500
4 AMC investigation from 3 business days from 500

*The prices for legal services are indicated in USD, but are paid in Hryvnias as an equivalent determined under the currency rate of NBU as of the date of the agreement.

Our company provides additional service of acceleration of the procedures related to particular legal service, if the client requires speedy and most effective resolution of the issue. Such service should be additionally discussed and approved with the client.

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