Anti-raider actions

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“Raiding” (raider attack) may be carried out by the insider associate of the organization or third parties interfering into the activities of the organization, sometimes even with lawful methods. Often the necessity of quick response and actions, mobilization of resources and organization of the protection scheme depend on the readiness of the shareholders and management of the company to take radical and effective steps to protect their business. In such situation, the first and most effective assistant is the experienced lawyer.
It is important to remember that the creation of the company is only the first step. The company must be wisely managed and fiercely protected.

The common conflict potential points in the course of business are as follows:

– division of the profit;

– establishment and division of the powers of different governing bodies of the company (shareholders’ meetings, supervisory board, executive body, audit commission etc.);

– establishment and implementation of the pre-emptive rights for sale and purchase of shares (corporate rights) of the company;

– control of budget issues (formation, approval, division, budget reporting etc.);

– limitations to singing the substantial agreements on behalf of the company (including loan agreements, securities, debt restructuring etc.);

– change of the charter capital via additional contributions, exchange of shares, corporate rights, indexation, denomination, consolidation of shares etc;

– transfer (sale, gift, pledge, heritage etc.) of shares (corporate rights), real property etc.

Name of service


Legal fees*
1 Preparation of the anti-raider scheme of action from 2 business days from 500
2 Representation before state authorities 1 hour from 50
3 Consultations on the anti-raider program for company 1 consultation from 50
4 Additional anti-raider services to be discussed with the client to be discussed with the client

*The prices for legal services are indicated in USD, but are paid in Hryvnias as an equivalent determined under the currency rate of NBU as of the date of the agreement

Our company provides additional service of acceleration of the procedures related to particular legal service, if the client requires speedy and most effective resolution of the issue. Such service should be additionally discussed and approved with the client.

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