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Financial and credit operations

Our associates have significant experience in international and Ukrainian banks, financial organizations in relation to:

– credit lines for Ukrainian organizations;

– facility (loan or credit) agreements;

– mortgages of commercial, non-commercial real property, land plots, unfinished buildings;

– pledges of shares, corporate rights, intellectual property objects, bank accounts, goods in circulation, and other pledges of movable property;

– call and put option, share retention and subordination agreements;

– surety and other instruments of security of debtor’s obligations.

Our company provides for all-inclusive legal services for assistance in large financing projects. We also draft and assist in signing of the separate financing agreements (facility agreements, mortgage, pledge agreements, surety agreements and others).

Name of service Term Legal fees*
1 Legal assistance in full financing project from 2 weeks from 1500
2 Separate financing document from 3 business days from 300

*The prices for legal services are indicated in USD, but are paid in Hryvnias as an equivalent determined under the currency rate of NBU as of the date of the agreement.

Our company provides additional service of acceleration of the procedures related to particular legal service, if the client requires speedy and most effective resolution of the issue. Such service should be additionally discussed and approved with the client.
To find out more about our legal services, procedures, terms, documents, legal fees, expenses or to order a particular legal service, you may address the questions to us by:

– Call us: +38(067) 505-65-98
– Send the letter to us: info@egida.biz.ua

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