Legalization and apostille

We provide legal services for residents and non-residents of Ukraine (foreign citizens and foreign companies) covering the principal fields of law and legislation of Ukraine.

Often the documents issued by the official authorities in Ukraine are required for use abroad.

In most cases, the foreign official authorities will accept the Ukrainian official documents provided that the document originating from Ukraine is legalized (for some countries) or apostilled (for most countries). The exception is the existence of the international agreement between Ukraine and foreign country stipulating that both countries recognize the official documents of each other and may be used in both countries without any additional legalization or apostille.

Our company assists in procedures of legalization or apostille of the Ukrainian documents in Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, foreign embassies, foreign consular office etc.

on official document for use abroad
7 calendar days 100*
of official document for use abroad
from 14 calendar days depending on the foreign country 250

*The prices for legal services are indicated in USD, but are paid in Hryvnias as an equivalent determined under the currency rate of NBU as of the date of the agreement

Our company provides additional service of acceleration of the procedures related to particular legal service, if the client requires speedy and most effective resolution of the issue. Such service should be additionally discussed and approved with the client.

To find out more about our legal services, procedures, terms, documents, legal fees, expenses or to order a particular legal service, please feel free to address the questions to us.

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