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Mergers&acquisitions, other forms of reorganization…

When the company achieves significant level of development, high financial flow, large amount of assets and employees, the issue of restructuring (reorganization), consolidation or division of the business becomes important and pending.

The common mechanism of expansion of the business is the purchase (acquisition) of the friendly or competing company.

The reorganization of the company has the following forms: acquisition, division, separation, merger, transformation of legal form of the company.

Our company has substantial experience in the procedures of reorganization of the companies carried out in accordance with schemes prepared by our lawyers and approved with clients.

Form of reorganization


Term of procedure


1 Transformation from 4 months

from 1500

2 Separation from 4 months

from 1500

3 Merger

from 4 months

from 1500

4 Acquisition from 6 months

from 2000

5 Division

from 6 months

from 2000

Our company provides additional service of acceleration of the procedures related to particular legal service, if the client requires speedy and most effective resolution of the issue. Such service should be additionally discussed and approved with the client.

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