Due diligence

We provide legal services for residents and non-residents of Ukraine (foreign citizens and foreign companies) covering the principal fields of law and legislation of Ukraine.

Every important business decision related to new projects, acquisition or sale of property, rights, business etc. requires among other things the qualified legal due diligence. Due diligence (hereinafter “DD”) may cover the whole business including companies, assets, rights and obligations or DD may concern only particular activity of the company, real property, definite transactions etc.

The expertise of our company includes the assistance in major transactions requiring the DD of incorporation, reorganization of the companies, acquisition of real property, purchase of corporate rights, shares, procedure of restructuring of companies and other DD tasks determined by the client.

The procedure of common legal due diligence includes the following steps: gathering of the information and documents for analysis, processing and analysis of the information and documents, drafting and issuing of the DD report.

Our company distinguishes the following types of the legal DD depending on the subject and the scope of the DD:

1. The Short Due Diligence

In conditions of time absence, urgency or unnecessary comprehensive and complex analysis, the client may request for the short DD covering analysis of a particular asset or transaction. Such short DD is sufficient to make the business decision on the particular issue.

2. Full Specialized Legal Due Diligence

In case of sale and purchase of real property, securities, cars, other valuable property, our lawyers are ready to conduct complete, but specialized DD on the particular subject and provide the DD report in accordance with the task of the client.

3. Comprehensive and Complex Due Diligence

In case of purchase of the large complex assets (company with huge amount of property), restructuring of the business and other large transactions, the client requests for scaled and comprehensive legal due diligence before taking important decisions. To this end, our company provides the comprehensive and complex legal DD covering all aspects of corporate issues, commercial law, regulatory issues and permits, intellectual property issues, employment law, real property, securities and other legal issues.

Type of DD

Term Legal fees
1 Short Due Diligence from 2 business days from 300
2 Full Specialized Legal Due Diligence from 5 business days from 800
3 Comprehensive and Complex Due Diligence from 7 business days from 1000

The final prices and time required for legal services depend on the particular task (subject) of legal DD and requirements to the scope of the analysis.

Memorandum or Letter of Advice

The client may require a written legal advice on particular issue. Commonly, the written legal advice is prepared in two forms: memorandum and letter of advice.

If the client requires a quick and short advice, we suggest the letter of advice. The correspondence between the client and the lawyer will be conducted in the question-answer regime with follow-up advice when the answer requires detailed explanations.

If the client requires a more formal and substantial in content advice, we suggest the memorandum. Usually memorandum includes the detailed description of the normative acts related the legal issue, procedures, terms, official payments, schemes, fees and expenses, conclusions and recommendations.

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